Corrado Cohen Luria

He is a painter who has always worked in a confidential manner, carrying out research in figurative painting; the techniques used, ranging from water to oil, egg tempera and pastel, experimenting with various media including charts and sheet music obtaining special effects of color and materials.

The inspiration of this artist is sought in drawing from life: seascapes, boats, still lifes, nudes, who have a fellowship with the Impressionists and the Macchiaioli: working without the aid of computational techniques and preparing cloth, paper, colors in his studio overlooking the bay of Portofino.

Ateliers: Portofino, Salita Baratta 14 (Hotel Belmond Splendido)

Maldives, Thudufushi Atoll (Planhotel)

 His works are part of private collections in Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States.
Permanent exhibitions in the study of Portofino Salita Baratta 14 (Belmond Hotel Splendido); in Milan at the gallery Bolzani in Matteotti 20; in New York, City Gallery, 981 Second Avenue; at the Belgian Royal Yacht Club in Gent; and at the Maldives at Planhotel, Thudufushu Atoll.